MTV Turns the Election into a Fantasy Game

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MTV has started a new political campaign to engage young adults in the 2012 Presidential Election, but instead of using their previous mantra, “Choose or Loose,” they’ve decided to introduce an entirely new element: fantasy football.

MTV’s Power of 12 campaign features a fantasy sports system where participants can draft various presidential and congressional candidates. Each “Fantasy Election ’12” player receives bonus points or deductions based on their candidates actions affecting deomcracy and what voters deserve, according to MTV.

Along with the fantasy election game, MTV has also created a short documentary, titled "Our Voice." Filmmaker Andrew Jenks followed the Republican campaign trail, interviewing candidates like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, among others. He searched for answers to the unpredictable future that haunts the 18- to 29-year-olds of the Millennial generation.

“We’re kind of scared, but can you blame us? We’ve inherited an age that’s anything but certain,” said Jenks.

Jenks described college-aged voters as optimistic, but also very skeptical. We've stood by as political gridlock prevented most of the "Change" we were promised in 2008.

“This age is forgotten, [ages] 20 to 25. They don’t think about us too much, I don’t think,” said one young potential voter.

The younger generation is looking for a candidate that understands the concerns of the Occupy College protestors, like student loan debt and the struggling job market. Jenks addressed these issues with each Republican candidate, which produced similar responses of "I'm the candidate who talks to students and knows what's going on."

“I come to college campuses and that’s where the optimism is,” said Congressman Ron Paul. “They are also the victims of the deeply flawed economic policy that says we can have the welfare state forever, we can print money forever, and deficits don’t matter.”

Which presidential candidate truly understands the issues young people are facing? As we struggle to finance a college education, when that may not even be enough to secure a job after graduation. As we peacefully protest our rights while being pepper sprayed in the face. As we are continually written off as an ignorant generation without influence.

Check out MTV's, which features election news and information, including an overview of the major issues affecting young people, snapshots of the candidates and a Rock the Vote registration tool. Be informed so you can make a difference.

On a completely unrelated note, is it just me or does Rick Santorum in this video remind anyone of Ed Helms?


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