The Perfect Pick-up Playlist

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I’m pretty sure there isn’t a single more gratifying feeling than introducing someone to their new favorite song. Call me a hipster, but I think every party becomes 100 percent more fun and intimate when the top 40 pop songs are out of earshot. This spring, 80s electronic music has taken the indie world by storm with bands like M83 and Neon Indian bringing new life to grunge basements. This is the pick-up indie playlist that’s dancey and inviting!
When I’m With You – Best Coast
There’s nothing like the sexy sound of SoCal. Best Coast is a bottle of Baja California poured in your ear funnel-keg stand style. Anyone playing this song immediately receives 20 swag points and the right to talk like a surfer boy in a 90s movie. Break out the tequila shots!
His Girl – Friends
Friends is a relatively new band on the scene, and their new single is so delightfully quasi-sexist that I can’t help but sway. “His Girl” is all about belonging to a man, and being down for it. And I mean that in the hottest way possible. It’s like Sookie Stackhouse belonging to Eric in Trueblood. It’s a good thing.
All Of Me – Tanlines
Bouncy and twangy, “All Of Me” is the latest track from Brooklyn duo Tanlines. Imagine the slick beats of Ratatat with all the lyrics you’ve been waiting for. This is the song that will get you off the duct taped couch and dancing like your arms belong to a slow loris. YouTube that thing. Worth it. 
Dreamers – Savoir Adore
As sad as it sounds, Savoir Adore hasn’t done anything of note since their laundry detergent commercial last winter, but I promise they’re top charts talented. Dreamers is roller rink chic and the perfect song to get strangers to come over and say, “Hey, who is this band? Also, your cat sweater is pretty rad!” 
Golden Haze – Wild Nothing
Dreamy 80s music is everywhere right now, but if anyone called dibs on over-synthed and charming riffs, it would have been “Wild Nothing.” This band has been an indie favorite ever since they covered “Cloudbusting” by Kate Bush. One of my dating rules is that anyone who recognizes Wild Nothing is a keeper; sometimes obscure music tastes are a turn on!
Wildfire – SBTRKT (feat. Little Dragon)
Little Dragon is the kind of band you have sex to. Honestly, all of her songs belong on this list, but “Wildfire” is extra hot with the added spice of SBTRKT (not to be confused with MSTRKRFT). This song slowly heats up to a burning throb that’s equally sexy and indie. Pick-ups are guaranteed.
I Belong In Your Arms – Chairlift
Chairlift’s new album Something is just one hit after another. Literally every song has been a favorite of mine at some point this year, but right now the only one I want to dance to is “I Belong In Your Arms.” I mean, the title of the song is a pick-up line in itself. Good enough for me.
All or Nothing –  Au Revoir Simone (Jensen Sportag’s Cotton Club Mix)
No indie playlist is complete without the quintessential song you never heard of by a band you can’t pronounce remixed by a DJ with a name too long to remember. Au Revoir Simone’s music is always hyper romantic, and when they’re constantly being remixed by the lively Neon Indian and Clock-Opera, they’re a must-have for a pick-up playlist.
Brutal Hearts – Bedouin Soundclash (feat. Couer de Pirate)

This is more of a bump-n-grind kind of song to seal the deal. Bedouin Soundclash’s natural reggae vibe combined with Béatrice Martin’s sultry voice is a magical and sexy sound. Things are guaranteed to get steamy as you “take this night from black to blue.”

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