The Patriot’s Playlist

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Appreciate your homeland by man-handling the grill you’ve been practicing on all summer. Create memories while entertaining the greatest friends someone could ask for with this ultimate patriot’s playlist, and most importantly, don’t allow the heat to keep you from jamming on this sun-soaked holiday.

American Girl — Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Wave your American flags as this euphoric song will have you moving to Petty’s rhythm. So, take it easy guys, let the fourth last all night.

Katy Perry — Firework

What’s better than watching the July night sky light up? Listening to this beauty belt out how fantastic you are in every way! Keep the night alive with these up-beat, encouraging lyrics from the firecracker herself.

Dave Matthews — American Baby

Leave it to Dave Matthews to be the life of the party while you’re grilling for all of your guests. No need to entertain, as everyone will be belting out the words to this classic and patriotic song.

Daughtry — Home

After a busy semester in college, reuniting around a fire with your family again can feel incredibly nostalgic. Daughtry reminds us of how home can always be the best place to go.

Lady Antebellum — American Honey

Belting out to this song while driving home to see your family can stir up the ol’ country comfort. You can practically taste the sweetness of the holiday just by listening to the reminiscing lyrics.

American Boy — Estelle feat. Kanye West

This sexy duet reminds us of how being with your significant other on the fourth makes the holiday that much hotter. Get the party moving with these alluring and seductive lyrics!

Independence Day — Elliot Smith

This song is perfect for winding down after a long day of hosting a wild American party. Besides, someone needs to entertain you while you’re left picking up the empty beer cans.

Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then) — The Decembrists

Driving back from home, family and friends after an exhausting, but exciting holiday celebration can be a downer, but leave it to the Decemberists to keep the feeling alive during your fourth of July departure.

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