The One with the End of Finals

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 As of Monday at 2:45 PM, it is summer.  I can’t believe junior year flew by so quickly and finals are already over (they seemed a lot less painful this year – I wish I could give you advice on how to make yours seem the same)!  Before I spend tonight celebrating and forgetting everything I have learned this year, here are a few things:

1. If you’re taking a math class and you hate math, you should still try to do your best.  I spent the better half of Wednesday night crying because I found out I finished with a D in math class.  I can’t even tell my own mother this, but I am telling you because I could have prevented this.  I only needed to take stupid math to pass a stupid requirement, so I thought I could just skate by.  I mean, I took Honors Calculus in high school (three years ago…) so I thought I’d be okay by not paying attention in lecture and not really trying to hard on the homework.  I was wrong.  Now I’m going to retake it spring semester of senior year so a D doesn’t completely destroy my GPA.  So far this was my worst college mistake.

2. Get a job or an internship!  You’re one year away from graduating.  If you have nothing to put on your resume yet, fix the problem!  Junior year is more or less when you’re expected to be doing something cool.

3. Think about living off campus.  Especially if you’re 21 or older, you may want to think about the advantages (and keep the disadvantages in mind) of living off campus!  Since you’re almost out of college and in the real world.

4. Put your name out there. And keep it clean.  Start trying to pass yourself off as a professional.  This means: clean up your Facebook for potential employers (get rid of all those drunken webcam pictures of you with your tongue out and middle finger up and get a Twitter account (retweet NEWS and other professional things with it).

5. ENJOY IT. It goes by super fast and is the last time you can mention your grade without people saying “SO what are you going to do after you graduate?”

Junior > Journalism > New York University

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