The One With Registration

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I know this is not my first time complaining about it, and it won't be my last (it will be my last time in December when I'm registering for my last classes ever!), but registration is by far the worst part about college.

At least at my school, though I hope other people at other school can feel my pain a little bit.  As far as I can tell from Facebook, they can.

Around this time of year, everyone's frustration increases by tenfold.  Every status I see is "I HATE (school) AND I HATE REGISTRATION AND EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH CLASS PICKING SUCKS", or something of the like.

Here, it's no different.  It never has been. As soon as registration begins, something inevitably goes wrong.  Last year, our registering program (ALERT: THE WORST THING EVER INVENTED) crashed on the second day of registration for about 3 hours.  This year, NYU decided to upgrade and redesign the website so that it's almost impossible to use.  Plus they haven't gotten all the bugs figured out yet, so if you can even connect to the server you're lucky.

One of the worst parts about registration is having to meet with an advisor to be cleared, since I'm pretty certain it has no point.  For example, this year my advisor was conveniently on vacation during the week before and the week of registration.  After e-mailing someone else in the journalism department to see who I needed to talk to next, I got an e-mail back simply saying I was cleared.

So if it's that easy, why make things more complicated?  Why make me run around to four different buildings to get papers signed?  Why have 30,000 students all try to register at the same time?  Why give us registration times that the university KNOWS are during our class times?

This is what I will miss the least about college.

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