The One With Love In The Air

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 Spring has finally sprung.  We've finally gotten to a week in New York City where the weather stays above 55 degrees for more than one day, the flowers are blooming, kids are skipping class to sit in the park.  Wonderful.

But for some, with spring comes spring fever (which might be a real thing after all!) and the desire to spend the days skipping class and sitting in the park with that special someone.  The only problem is, college can be a pain in the relationship ass.  We got into this discussion in one of my classes last week–how are you supposed to meet anyone when school and work and school work have you locked in a loveless marriage?

I find it that most of the people I know who are in relationships here at NYU (where the male/female ratio is severely skewed) are in them with people who don't go to NYU.  Myself included.  After two years of not meeting anyone in New York City, I met my current boyfriend when I was visiting my best friend at the University of Delaware.

So where does one turn after weighing all of your options and excluding all of the people in your classes or the people you see on a regular basis at the dining hall?

Believe it or not, a good amount of people my age at school have turned to online dating.  Something that once seemed taboo (read: only for old people) is now making its way into younger circles thanks to the success of websites like Date My School and OkCupid.

So if you have some extra time for a few coffee dates but no time to meet someone to ask on them, check out these sites!  Trust me, you aren't the only one and online dating isn't just for your parents anymore.  Finally there's a way to access people at your school that share your interests without having to go through all 30,000 something undergraduate Facebooks.

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