The One With Junior-itis?

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Lately I've been feeling weird.

Everyone I knew in high school hated junior year because it's where you had to take the hardest classes to impress colleges.  Not to mention start looking at colleges and deciding where you wanted to apply.  Then, senior year comes along and you have not a care in the world once you're accepted and make a stable plan for after high school.

So if senioritis means ignoring all your school work after you have everything figured out, junioritis must be where every little thing about the near future freaks you out.

I have it again.  I think I came down with it when I realized next week I'll be registering for my first semester of senior year classes.  I have about a month left of junior year then I'll be a senior in college.

What happened?  It seems like just yesterday I wrote my first blog entry about being a freshman in New York City at NYU and now it's all coming to a close.  I don't want to rush what good time I have left here, but the end is inevitable.

But the worst part is not knowing what comes after.  I guess it's a bit like high school.. you have to apply to places and see where will take you and where won't…but here's there's more room to fall, to fail, to be left with nothing.

After spending roughly $200,000 on two college degrees, what if I can't find a job?  Or what if I find one and realize that it's actually NOT what I want to do for the rest of my life?

Is there a crisis hotline for quarter life crisises? Is there such a thing as a quarter life crisis?  Neither of my parents went to college, so I can't ask them.  My cousin graduated last year but was the head of his class in such a small program (landscape architecture) that he got an offer right away.

So who can I turn to?  One of the other millions of journalism majors who will soon have a degree in something that everyone can essentially do through blogging and civil reporting? One of the millions of people with the same qualifications as me fighting for the same job?

What's a junior to do…?

Junior > Journalism > New York University

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