LapDawg PUG—Ergonomic All-In-One Desk for Studying

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Studying in bed is the worst. No matter what position you end up in, it’s only comfortable for a few moments. Believe it or not, this can lead to serious medical problems down the road. Three medical conditions associated with poor posture while using computers include carpal tunnel syndrome, computer vision syndrome and musculoskeletal problems (most notably in the back and neck). Sound familiar?
Since students are constantly plugged in and won’t stop using laptops anytime soon, it’s time to consider ergonomic alternatives.  Lap desks such as the LapDawg PUG optimize comfort and reduce stress while studying.

This device improves the ability to study in bed by adjusting the laptop to eye level, which eliminates back and neck pain. Talk about a lifesaver during exam season. Instead of fidgeting every five seconds trying to get comfortable, using this laptop stand will help students pay more attention to what’s actually on the laptop than their cramping muscles.
The key to ergonomics is adjustability. The PUG’s middle tray has four adjustable height settings, and even the legs have three different heights. So whether you’re studying on your bed, the floor, on a sofa or while sinking into a large chair, the LapDawg PUG adjusts accordingly. It also has a fan to cool down your laptop and built-in mouse pad to give your fingers a rest from your touchpad. There’s even a cup holder. And as we all know, anything with a cup holder is automatically worth your time.
If your posture is suffering from studying, do your body a favor and get a PUG. Then, once exams die down, you can turn your PUG into a snack tray or a laptop stand for movie nights. Don’t let the cute name fool you, anyone who sees its name and assumes the PUG is closer to Frank from the Men in Black movies than a laptop table will definitely be more than surprised.

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