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Do you have an internship for fall? Maybe you do, maybe you don't, but at some point in your college career, you're going to need one. I recently had the opportunity to interview the girl who has all the answers to your internship questions, The Intern Queen Lauren Berger. See what she has to say about gaining the expereince that will get you your dream job.

College Mag: What inspired you to start the intern queen website?
Lauren Berger: There were very little resources for students to learn from someone who has been there. 
CM: What do you want students to learn by reading your book All Work and No Pay?
LB: I want everyone to walk into their internship make the most of that internship.
CM: What is the biggest mistake you ever made as an intern?
LB: Not asking questions and not writing everything down…messing up projects. When you are ever called into the office make sure you have a pen and notebook. The other thing is just making sure you aren’t afraid. There was one time when I worked on a TV network that I was assigned to organize files. I assumed they meant alphabetically and didn’t ask. However, they did not mean it that way and I spent the entire day organizing them into alphabetic order and it was completely wrong.
CM: How many internships should a student have?
LB: No you don’t need 15 internships..2 or 3 is a great goal. Also, have a back up plan.
CM: What would you say to a student who received a lot of rejection from internships?
LB: Rejection happens, just save the name and send a thank you note. Also, ask for professional criticism or constructive advice.
CM: What is key to have on your resume and what is a definite don’t to have on the resume?
LB: Resumes should be one page, clear and relate back to the company.  Also, you definitely want campus involvement listed. If you are not involved now, get involved! Do not have on your resume: Just text me, screennames as email address or your facebook profile. 
CM: How do you gain connections?
LB: It is important to connect with as many people as you can. Like at the copy machine talk to everyone. Send thank you notes to anyone you were in contact with, personal and professional, after you finish the interview.
CM: What are a few things you wish you would have known while you were searching for internships in college?
LB: I wish I would’ve known to organize and document my applications. It is important to keep track of where you applied and when so you can do a follow up and you are not just sending applications out frantically and sporadically.
You can follow The Intern Queen on twitter or check out her Pinterest for advice on what to wear to work or internships.

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