The Horror: The Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

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Most of us obsess over our Halloween costumes for months.  College students would rather cut fast food funding for three weeks than celebrate the holiday in a poorly done get-up, but our compilation of worst celebrity costumes goes to show that money can’t buy you clever.

Aaron Carter

You’d think with all the dolla bills Aaron Carter raked in with Aaron’s Party, he wouldn’t have to buy his costume at K-Mart.  Also, this is a dead giveaway that they don’t make pimp costumes in kid sizes (and for good reason).



A mime? A clown? A peace-signing Asian mime clown?  Pink, is that you?


Tara Reid

Tara, if you have to plaster Barbie’s face all over your body to clue others in, that’s probably a sign that a corset and tutu are not equal to a Barbie costume.


Lance Bass

Looks like Lance Bass pulled a last minute costume out of the closet (pun intended).


Heidi Klum

Most females use Halloween as an excuse to dress sexy.  I guess every day is sexy day for Heidi Klum, so she used Halloween as an opportunity to look as unattractive as possible. 


Heidi Klum, again

But for real Heidi, you might want to lay off the lingerie modeling if you’re looking for any excuse to seriously cover up.

Jason Biggs

I feel like this is one of those situations where Jason Biggs was probably super excited about his costume at home, and then when he got to the party he realized it sucked and wanted so badly to change out of it.  I’m, uh, not speaking from experience or anything.


Martha Stewart

This is just weird. Also, you guys will never admit it, but I know you’re looking at that camel toe.

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