The Funniest YouTube Videos You’ve Never Seen

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I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there: reluctantly staring at a computer screen beside that friend who insisted you watch a grueling, 10-minute YouTube video (by the way, it sucked). In the refreshing event that a video I’m forced to watch is, indeed, funny, it’s definitely not funny the 500th time around (i.e.  David After Dentist, David Blaine Street Magic, Old Gregg… wait, was that ever funny?).   

Well guess what, guys! I’m that annoying friend today. But these videos are actually funny. These hidden gems may not have gone viral yet, but if I didn’t personally laugh out loud, it’s not on here: 

Been walking long?


*strong language.  That is all.

Don't judge this mom until you have children.

This dog needs to talk to a therapist.


I don’t know about you guys, but for me the humor started long before she fell.

There’s nothing funnier than a good old-fashioned news blooper… other than three good old-fashioned news bloopers, of course.  

Someone put on her big girl panties awful quick.

Sitting is harder than it looks, apparently. 

Senior > Public Relations > Marshall

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