The College Student’s TV Guide: What you should be watching this Fall

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Though school’s back in session, there’s a big chance the flat screen in your dorm room is going to be getting more attention than your biology notebook. And this year, finally, the giant desk calendar your parents bought you is going to be jam-packed… with TV premieres! Here’s what you should be watching, every day of the week.

Monday: Gallery Girls, 10p.m. on Bravo. Premiered August 13.

The show focusing on several art gallery interns in NYC has already been the target of countless harsh reviews – and for good reason. I didn’t pick this show because it’s good television, I picked it because the girls are so eccentrically out-there that I was literally left dumbfounded when the end credits went rolling. In this clash of uptown versus hipster culture, there will be enough red lipstick, thrift store clothing, wine parties and condescending glares to last a life time.  


Tuesday: New Girl, 9p.m. on Fox. Premieres September 25.

New Girl isn’t so new anymore – in fact, if you haven’t heard of her yet, I’d be inclined to ask you if you’ve been living in a cave for the past year. After the show’s first season, I think we can all agree it’s a little less about the plot and a little more about Zooey Deschanel’s (err, Jess’s) quirky personality (it’s just a bonus that the plot rocks).  


Wednesday: Guys with Kids, 8:30p.m. on NBC.  Premieres September 26.

You guessed it, this one’s about guys… with kids. It’s written by Jimmy Fallon and follows a full-time dad, a single dad, and a working dad. Basically, it’s on the list because the Wednesday night line-up sucks. But who knows, Jimmy Fallon is pretty cool, so maybe he can make parenting cool too.


Thursday: Glee, 9:00p.m. on Fox, Premiered August 23.

Have no fear, Gleeks! Your favorite show has not been cancelled, just bumped to another day. If I had it my way, I’d recommend watching this show on mute, but for the purposes of objectivity… crank up that volume baby!    


Friday: America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, 8:00p.m. on The CW.  Premiered August 24.

Everyone enjoys a little ANTM to pass the time, but this cycle is dedicated entirely to college students (dang it, does that mean the models will be smart?). The show is also boasting some huge changes this season. Voting is now open to the public, and judges Miss Jay Alexander, Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel have been booted off (rumor has it they needed to make more room on set for Tyra’s forehead…).

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