The College Student’s Academic Bucket List

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Sure every student has a college bucket list: get into the local bar underage, make it to every home football game, plan an epic spring break trip and likely many more. While many of these goals are considered a must in a student’s four short years, what about those goals that are academic? Here are the best academic goals that should be on every student’s bucket list:

1. Take a fun elective – By senior year, most students will have room in their schedules to take classes that diverge from their major. Take a break from your routine courses and try a photography class or even a theater class. Throwing in a creative course to the mix could help make your semester more fun.

2. Get to know a professor – If you haven’t already, take the time to form a relationship with one of your professor and pick their brain for career advice, class suggestions and even things they are interested in. Professors are not just there to lecture but to act as advisors and mentees.

3. Pull an all-nighter – The morning after may be filled with regret and a strong sense of exhaustion but pulling off that A will definitely be worth it in the long run. Being able to say you’ve seen the sunrise from the library is always a fun thing to brag about.

4. Reach your desired GPA – Before entering college all students should consider where they would like their GPA to be when they graduate. Set a goal early on and work hard to get as close to it (or even beyond it) over the course of your college career.

5. Consider a minor – For those who have focused on a single major, consider how a double major or a minor could add to your overall education. Many companies consider students who study numerous things more marketable. Studying more than one thing may also help students to realize different areas they are interested in.

6. Get involved in research – Many professors are continuously looking for students to help out in laboratories with potential studies. Doing so can make a student a more attractive candidate when applying to graduate programs as well as internships and jobs. Offering to be the subject of a research experiment can even help you learn things about yourself you never knew.

7. Sit in on a class you aren’t taking – Ask a random professor if it will be okay to sit in on their class for a day. Doing so can help you learn new things and even gain a different perspective. Choosing a class that is in an area you’ve never studied could be a fun and interesting change.

8.Take a class abroad – Whether you opt for an entire semester or one course over the summer, studying abroad is really a once in a lifetime experience. Being able to study in a place entirely different from your everyday campus will challenge you and allow you to gain amazing experiences.

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