The College Hustle: Alternative Ways of Making Money

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What’s your hustle? Nowadays, ways of making a little extra cash in college have become a creative means for students to find out what they’re good at. On the other hand, being creative is the only convenient way to make ends meet. Students need jobs that are flexible and simple.

In some cases, work-study or on campus jobs just don't cut it. Trying to keep up with a college-level class schedule is enough, not to mention all the extracirricular activities (parties included) on the side. College students need a job that fits their schedule, not the other way around.

In search of the perfect “side” job, some students have come across a variety of opportunities including tutoring, playing in a band, hosting college parties or even playing music in church to rack up that green paper. Former Art Institute of Washington student Jason Thomas played piano in his family church to make some money on the side while he was in school. He got paid for doing what he loved most—making music.

“It was my mom’s ideas for me to play for them,” Thomas said. “I started playing when I was younger, and once I turned 16, I switched churches and began playing at Reid Temple. I liked it and people enjoyed listening. We [the church band] always got a lot of appreciation after we played.”

There are jobs for everybody. If you’re more of a business/marketing person or if you just like quick cash, try selling your books back on Amazon or eBay. Some students even sell clothes, shoes, movies and accessories on these websites, among others. Towson University freshman Jervon Pressley says a good way to make money is by “flipping” name brand sneakers.

“Retro Jordans come out on Saturdays and sell out pretty quick,” Pressley said. “So, you buy a pair and post them on eBay for the original price, plus an added price for profit. It’s called ‘flipping.’”

Searching for jobs can even turn up some great opportunities. Ever try Craigslist? Towson University Junior Jensy Claude did. Now she’s a tutor through the AmeriCorps program. Accordying to Claude, the best part is that, in addition to getting an hourly wage, she can also receive an education grant.

“I love my job!” Claude said. "I can’t believe I found it on Craigslist. This is my second year as a tutor and I love it.  I get to work with kids between 14 and 18, I can be a positive role model and the best part is that it’s not a retail job!”

Finding a hustle can be simple. The trick is just finding something that you like to do and that you’re good at. If you really want to make some extra dough, you’ll make a job out of anything and make it work to your advantage.

So…what’s YOUR hustle?

College Magazine Staff

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