The Back-To-School Playlist

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Whether you're stoked or sour about coming back to school this year, late August is fast approaching and it's almost time to head back to campus. So get your schedules printed out (ideally before the first day of classes), books ordered, backpacks on and don’t forget to brings College Mag’s back to school playlist along for the ride. Regardless of whether you're hitting the library to get a head start this semester or taking down a few more shots than usual to ease the pain of being on a real schedule, we’ve got some jams that are sure to make your transition a smooth one.

The Summer Remorse Soundtrack:

Maybe it's having to leave your beach house for colder weather or that summer love who goes to school out of state, either way,  summertime can be a hard thing to leave behind. Let these jams provide you with comfort and happy nostalgia, and don’t forget, new college memories are right around the corner.

50 Ways To Say Goodbye — Train

Blue Jeans — Lana del Rey

Say Goodbye — Dave Matthews Band


Long night Library Bender:

It might’ve been due to determination or procrastination, but everyone has had at least one night whether they’ve watched the sunrise from the comfort of their very own library cubicle. And while a long night at the library is nowhere near most students’ idea of a good time at college, these songs are sure to help pump you up and get you through that ten page thesis or final chapter on tax law.

I Will Wait — Mumford and Sons

Slight Work — Wale ft. Big Sean


First Night Out on the Town:

Whether your crew is making their great reemergence to your favorite bar, or you're returning to frat row after a summer of laying low, you’re probably beyond excited to be back with your college group. What better way to ensure the night is one to remember than making sure you have the perfect set of jams to soundtrack every stage of your buzz? Below are a few recommendations for getting the night going right.

The Boys are Back In Town — Thin Lizzy

Take You Higher (Club Mix) — Goodwill & Hook N Sling

Zedd — Spectrum ft. Matthew Koma 


First Tailgate:

Many a frat bro will attest that there is no better way to get over Friday night’s hangover than continue the buzz into a Saturday football game. No matter what division your school falls into, there’s nothing wrong with putting a few back in support of your school’s fine athletic establishments. Make sure these songs are bumping by the keg and you’re sure to have a great time.

Power Happy — Con Bro Chill

Jump Right In — Zac Brown Band

Thunderstruck — AC/DC

Junior > Psychology > Salisbury

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