10 Dance Moves You Need in Your Repertoire

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The Charleston, the Lindy Hop, the worm, the twerk – so many timeless dance moves, so little floor space. Obviously dance is a centuries old art form, but it is continually evolving into something new and fresh, something exciting and equally fascinating to do or watch. Here are some of the dopest moves (in no particular order) this side of the 1700s:


1. The Twist

Chubby Checker made this move famous in the 1960s with his cover of the Hank Ballard and the Midnighters B-side. Time to groove.

2. The Charleston

Going even further back to the days of the Flapper, the Charleston has remained one of the most well-known moves for almost a century. This style is featured prominently in all sorts of entertainment forms today – you’ve probably seen it in the Broadway smash “Chicago.”

3. The Moonwalk

Do I even need to say it? Michael Jackson is one of the world’s greatest entertainers, and his signature style has been the inspiration for many performers today.

4. The Worm

Break dancing exploded in the 1980s, but this move has been popular well past the days of acid wash jeans and Knight Rider. (Bonus: The guy in this video gets down to a hip-hop megamix that includes DMX and Eminem, so mad props for that.)

5. The Pop, Lock, And Drop It

Where else would our embarrassing high school memories be sandwiched if it weren’t in between the Soulja Boy and this gem? Excuse me whilst I break it down.

6. The Robot

Everyone can do this one…whether or not you do it “well” is another story, but it can still get pretty rad. Just check out the guy in the clip above!

7. The Running Man

This is one of my favorites – from the random jokesters at last Saturday’s party to Jason Sudekis on “Saturday Night Live,” it has become a groovin’ and shakin’ go-to. (Plus, it’s the title of a 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. I’m pretty sure it’s not about dancing, but still, the effort is there.)

8. The Hustle

This Soul Train staple will take you back to the 70s – or to any awesome get-together you’ve been to recently. I mean, honestly, no dance sesh is complete without this one in my book. So rethink playing the Macarena or the Cha Cha Slide first at your next par-tay. This is the godfather of them all.

9. The Pony

Swingin’ 60s shindigs weren’t complete without this fun one! For our generation, we’ve seen it in musicals like “Hairspray,” but back in the day, this was a standard party move.

10. The Carlton

Ahh, the Carlton. Any “Fresh Prince” fan knows this one…and has likely tried to emulate it. If not, just crank up Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual” and let loose.

Miss any? Post your favorite dance moves in the comments below and share with friends!

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