Is Your Campus Tebowing?

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Tim Tebow is a polarizing figure. Love him, hate him, everyone has an opinion on the guy. Whether it’s his religious conviction, his unorthodox style of play or the fact that the man is a straight up winner, he’s been a big topic of discussion throughout his playing career.

Tebowmania hit a fever pitch the other week with his jaw dropping comeback win against the New York Jets. Down three and with an eternity left on the clock in the forth quarter, Tebow grinded out the game winning drive and melted down the clock, virtually eliminating any chance for the Jets to return fire. Bask in the ridiculousness of it all here.

When you’re done watching it, head back to the 1:25 mark. You see that? Tebow gets on one knee in prayer to thank Jesus for fending off the demonic Jets defenders and delivering him the game. This touchdown celebration has spawned an Internet meme in his honor, affectionately called “Tebowing.” A sibling of the played out “planking,” and related to the ugly stepchild “Owling,” Tebowing has exploded onto the Internet. Just about everyone has an opinion on Tebow and just as many people have been caught Tebowing in a variety of places.

This begs the question, has Tebowing hit campuses? We wanted to know so we launched a full on investigation and asked students nationwide to send in their best Tebow. Check out our top 10 favorite college Tebowing poses here.

We’re looking for even most ridiculous campus Tebowing poses. Send us your best Tebow to [email protected]…just don’t end up like this guy.

Happy Tebowing.

Kelly Rieland and Sydni Becker with Urban Meyer on the laptop at The Ohio State University


Kerri McCune and Brendan Ponton at The University of Maryland's Capital News Service


Kevin Hanlon and Shane Donahue from Temple University


Christina Ferraro and Theresa Williams at Syracuse University


The University of Maryland's Quidditch Team; photo by Deanna Edmunds


Keith Levinsky from Georgetown University


Julie Faust at University of Maryland


Eli from Northeastern University


Chas Guy at University of Maryland


Paul Castonguay at Syracuse University


Senior > Journalism > University of Maryland

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