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Ah, Greek life. The untamable, multi-faceted unicorn that intrigues some students. Even if your forefathers weren’t a members of Tau Delta Beta, have no fear; you still have just as much of an opportunity to be a frat star than anyone else. For those who weren’t born with a beer-coozie in-hand or a monogram on their stroller, here are some delightful tips to indulge in before rushing.

Be Yourself

It’s the first day of rush and you’re standing in front of the mirror rehearsing every interesting thing about yourself. In a hopeless attempt to put different Instagram filters on your life, you try on different personas, accents and even personalities. You try a southern persona for ATO and ADPi and an edgy city persona for Phi Delt and DPhiE. Let me stop you there. The most important thing you can do during rush is act like your genuine self. You can easily put on an act for a short period of time, but for the next couple years? That’d be the most uncomfortable performance of a lifetime; we’re talking Emmy-worthy.

“You are going to be the one having hundreds of conversations you probably won’t remember, and trying on too many outfits to even count, so why would you put yourself through that if your main concern isn’t yourself?” University of Florida Pi Chi senior Daria Rebbecchi said. Find where YOU are comfortable and where YOU can strive to be your best self, not where your friends and family think you should be.”

Don’t Get Jaded By Stereotypes

As much as everyone likes to believe rushees go into rush week with a blank slate— they don’t. It’s safe to say the majority of rushees have heard rumors about the different campus chapters. Each chapter will have stereotypes, both negative and positives. Delta Phi Epsilon is not a Jewish-only sorority, you can be brunette and still join Tri Delt, you don’t have to be southern to join ATO and not all Pikes are testosterone-driven monkeys. So it is best to go in with an open mind; you never know which place you might enjoy the most. “By subscribing to popular stereotypes of each house, which are untrue, you keep yourself from entering houses where you could be a great fit,” said UF junior Conor Rigsby.

Instead of relying on stereotypes, try putting yourself out there and meeting different people from different houses to get a good feel for where you could possibly see yourself ending up. “Meet as many brothers as you can and try to get a picture of a fraternity as well as a good feel for it,” UF junior Cory Hartstein said. “I suggest going to as many places as possible and whichever one you could see yourself in the next four years—go there. Go with your instinct.”

Bring Out The Suit And Tie

The rush process is similar to that of an interview. Because you only spend a short period of time with each person from each house, in order to be impressionable during rush, present yourself appropriately. “I would recommend wearing something stylish yet presentable that expresses your personality and try to be relaxed even though the situation of talking to so many strangers is awkward,” UF senior Victoria Sanchez said. Sometimes what you’re wearing could even be used as a conversation starter or something to add if the conversation gets a little strained.

This tip might apply more to women: If you’re wearing something show-stopping during rush, that outfit is definitely a good way for sisters to remember you after your round finishes. Don’t be fooled though, sororities aren’t all about Lily Pulitzer and Henri Girl; there are 17 sororities out there for you to choose from and each one is diverse and different in their own way.

Be Humble and Approachable

Everyone going through rush wants to pull off an image perceived as likeable in order to get a bid to their top-choice sorority. We’re all human beings, but the last thing we want to show new people we’re trying to impress is our insecurities. Sometimes trying to hide insecurity creates an image of haughtiness and arrogance. “Be confident, but humble when talking to the sisters because nobody likes someone who knows it all,” said McCarthy.

Moreover, there’s nothing more disappointing during rush when a sorority or that you really liked drops you or you’re obligated to see a house that doesn’t interest you. However, even if you know for a fact a house isn’t for you, nothing looks worse than showing up and acting like a complete douche. “Keep in mind that you’re not too cool for anything. Treat every house with the same amount of attention because you never know how it will all work out,” UF junior Cara Millburg said. Even if that house isn’t the perfect fit for you, it might be for other people and no one should ever be disrespectful, especially if you’re a rushee that hasn’t been accepted anywhere yet. People talk, and if you’re disrespectful or snooty at one house, it might get back to the sorority of your choice.

Lauren Hoffman: writer, jaded romantic, and always making a serious effort to be a flamingo among a flock of pigeons. In my spare time, I am an English Major with a Business minor at the University of Florida.

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