Surviving Your First Exam

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So, word on campus is your first exam is approaching. Wait, exams already? In case you were too busy sleeping in the back row of your lecture hall or missed your professor’s announcements each class, (even though the whole class attests they never heard the announcements) you need to start studying. Don’t freak out! We’re here to help with the tips you need to succeed on your first exam.
Review Your Notes
This may sound obvious but seriously: review them. Go through the material thoroughly and see what concepts you understand and what you have trouble with. Once you have a clear understanding of your knowledge, then you can begin to study efficiently.
Office Hour Power
The biggest mistake most students make is not visiting their professors during office hours. In class, professors aren’t as willing to answer questions, especially about what material will be on an upcoming exam; that’s what office hours are for. In office hours, you get one-on-one attention that you wouldn’t normally receive in a regular class. Not to mention, professors are more likely to reveal answers during their office hours than during class. Who would pass up an opportunity for undivided attention?

We’re All In This Together
Study groups are a great way to review material before an exam. Getting perspectives from other students may help you better understand the material and clarify any questions you have. Maybe one student wrote down something you missed in class. Maybe another completely understands the theories that flew over your head and, most importantly, your peers will (hopefully) keep you from falling asleep at your desk. So make the best of your study time; it’s not the end of the world!

Keep Your Head Up
Don’t waste time worrying about the format of your exam; as long as you know the material, who cares? If you show up on exam day freaking out, you’re not going to do well. If you have your mind set that you’re going to fail, you’re going to fail. Be confident, be calm and you will be successful.

Good luck and happy studying!
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