Summer Lovin’

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 Countless books and movies have been written on the perfect summer romance. It seems like a romantic summer fling is the quintessential aspect of the perfect summer. Is it a fairy tale, something we’re told countless stories about but have no concrete proof of? Or is it possible that a summer romance could be in your future? And why is it that summer time brings with it the stigma of love and passion?

“The Notebook,”  “Dirty Dancing,” and “Summer Catch,” are all great summer romance movies that keep girls up on countless nights, wondering if they can ever experience love like that. We have all daydreamed ourselves into these films: Noah kissing us in the rain, Johnny sweeping us onto the stage to dance, Ryan jumping into the pool with us. What is about summer that brings up all these crazy feelings and hormones?

Dr. Dylan Selterman, a psychology professor at the University of Maryland, says the warm weather is blame. “In the warm weather, people are wearing less clothing. The fact that we peel off layers might make people more aroused and romantically inclined. Warmer temperatures tend to increase arousal as well,” Selterman said.

Being in a new environment can also cause someone to desire sexual attention. Selterman says that being in an unusual situation, such as traveling to a different state or country, heightens romantic inclinations. Selterman says exotic places equal erotic places.

So now that you’ve determined that you’re in the mood for a summer fling: how do you find one? Try these tips this summer to help achieve that perfect grease-style summer lovin’.

  1. Get outside! Go to the beach, bars, amusement parks, or outdoor restaurants. This is where a majority of people will be when the weather gets nice, so get out and get flirting!
  2. Wear summer-sexy clothing: Girls, this means tank tops and shorts, bikinis and sun dresses. Boys, whip out those muscle tanks you’ve been dying to show off all year.
  3. Mix things up. Go to a different town; new bars and restaurants means new people. Also, leave your entourage at home for a change. Grab one wingman (or woman) and go paint a new town red.

Kyle Eastwood, a freshman at the University of Delaware, says there’s nothing fictitious about summer romances. “I had one summer fling; we met at my summer job and ended up staying together for seven months. She was an awesome girl and I’m lucky to have met her,” Eastwood said.

A summer fling doesn’t always have to be a “forever” relationship; some flings are perfect for recovering from bad breakups. “I think summer flings are fun, especially when you just get out of a relationship and want a fun rebound,” Kristen Martini, a junior at the College of Mount Saint Vincent’s, said.

Whatever you’re looking for, real-deal love or a fun fling, the summer is a great time to do it. And who knows, maybe you’ll be able to find the Johnny Castle to your Baby. 

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