Summer Lovin’, Summer Heat

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Everyone loves a good summer romance, but it seems that weather may actually be the reason for why people are so hot.

“Warmer weather has a huge impact on our hormones. Summer is the most sensual and erotic time of the year,” said Patrick Wanis, Ph.D., a human behavior and relationship expert.

Studies show that the environment affects people, even if they are unaware of it. “When we feel physical warmth, we tend to be warmer in our responses and interactions with others – the warmth also creates a feeling of safety and we tend to be more open and friendlier,” Wanis added.

Soaking up the sun can boost energy levels and increase your mood. “The more exposure to sunlight the greater the level of optimism,” said Patty Ann Tublin, Ph.D., relationship expert, speaker and author. “The sunlight releases hormones in our brain which increase romance and this hormone, called oxytocin, probably has a lot to do with increased romance; hence, the summer fling.”

Michael Lee-kin, a Florida Memorial University senior said, “When the weather is great, I feel great and I want to look my best; which will hopefully catch someone's eye.” Wanis agrees: “Self-confidence and healthy body image leads to more dating in summer when more skin is exposed thus attracting more suitors or hunters. The other elements of summer: late night, parties… increased social opportunities, temptation, vacation time, a sense of liberation and inhibition; all lead to increased dating in summer over winter.”

Not only does the sun make students feel hotter, but with class out of the way, students have much more time to spend it with someone special. “The best things about summer romances are getting to see each other more, and having more things to do,” said Josh Moss, Arkansas State freshman.

With a more vibrant mental state and increased levels of oxytocin–the love hormone–its clear that warm weather can bring on warmer feelings, and those feelings just might lead you to a hot summer fling.

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