Styling Stripes

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Sometimes there’s nothing better than the perfect basic, like a simple black tee or a great-fitting white button-down – all you need are a few accessories to built your perfect outfit. But for me, my latest basic hasn’t been that basic at all. Enter: my navy stripes.

Whenever I’m in an outfit rut, I immediately reach for my loose navy-striped tee and am dressed in minutes. I’ve found that these neutral stripes go with virtually anything in my closet, from my washed-out jeans for a crisp, nautical look, to my craziest patterned skirts for an eclectic mix. Stripes fit into any style, and that old adage about them being unflattering? So not true.

But perhaps the best thing about stripes is how they work in any season, especially the tricky weeks between summer and fall. As you can see in the look below, adding wintry accessories and fun patterns will carry my favorite striped tee, all the way through to next year:

The pieces above all stand out on their own – but when mixed together against the crisp, striped tee, the entire look gets transformed. The simplest trick is adding a bright pop of color, like an unexpected pair of cobalt skinny pants. The stripes balance out the shocking color while maintaining a clever, edgy vibe. Similarly, adding contrasting patterns – like a plaid eternity scarf or a lady-like leopard bag – can make the stripes pop. Retro penny loafer-style flats add a subtle, feminine finishing-touch to your new go-to outfit.


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