Study Abroad Guide: Sydney, Australia

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It’s never too early to start planning your semester or summer abroad.  If you haven’t considered living and studying in a new culture, the time is now.  Those who return from their foreign journeys would agree the experience is not only enriching but life changing. Your junior or senior year of college is the perfect time for an adventure abroad.
When it comes down to committing to your city and country of choice, there are factors like language and travel to take into account.  Consider Sydney, Australia, the bustling city on the coast of the Tasman Sea that has a diverse landscape and endless opportunities.
To make your decision a little easier, five students who spent time in Sydney reflect on their favorite memories:
Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge
“My absolute favorite thing to do in Sydney was climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge,” said Indiana University senior Britny Facemyer. “It's about a three hour tour and absolutely exhausting (something like 1,500 stairs) and terrifying climbing to the top; yet, it’s totally worth it once you get there and see the entire city and surrounding areas.”
Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge… again, at night
“I will never forget the moment when I was close to the top of the bridge looking down at all of the boats and city lights reflecting on the water,” said Ball State graduate student Samantha Cook. “The city appeared to be silent until a moment later I heard a small boat playing 80's music.  It brought a smile to my face and made the moment even more memorable.”
Explore Darling Harbor
Darling Harbor was a wonderful area with plenty of places for leisure and entertainment,” said Indiana University senior Reagan Kha. “It is located in the heart of Sydney with numerous restaurants, theaters, live entertainment and bars.  Be sure to check out the Sydney Aquarium or the Wildlife Park where you can get up close with many animals native to Australia.
Relax on Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach is an amazing escape from the busy city life of Sydney,” said Catherine Teresi of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Nearby and an easy (not to mention cheap) trip away, the beach offers swimming, surfing, and a great ocean-side hike.  For those looking for something more relaxing, Bondi has a tasty restaurant selection, boardwalk boutiques, and people watching.”
Experience the iconic Sydney Opera House
“I visited the opera house during the day to take pictures and see the architecture,” said Indiana University senior Katie O’Kane. “Then, we went back to see a show that night- it was a woman singing in a different language accompanied by a piano.  It’s just a really pretty city!”
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