Students #RememberTogether for Alzheimer’s Early Detection

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Your childhood photos are more empowering than embarrassing. Those awkward prom poses and family portraits in matching turtlenecks can now raise awareness about a disease that plagues nearly 5 million Americans.

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) recently launched a nationwide campaign called “Remember Together” that seeks to spotlight the importance of memories and keeping them alive.

The campaign encourages participants to recreate old photos of their favorite memories and share them with the world using the hashtag #RememberTogether. The movement spotlights the importance of memory screenings, which play a crucial role in detecting early Alzheimer’s and similar memory issues.

National Memory Screening Day takes place on Tuesday, November 18. Free, confidential memory screenings will also be held year-round at community sites across the country. If you think a loved one is having memory issues, visit to find a screening site near you. All it takes to spread the word is a quick selfie that resembles your preschool pout.

Throw on some ‘90s threads and don an awkward smile worthy of your first day of third grade to join the campaign. Visit to get some inspiration. #RememberTogether 

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