Stock Up (the Right Way) for Your March Madness Party

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Lauren Izquierdo>University of Maryland

Pick up some Yuengling, put on your jersey and call up your friend with the biggest TV. It’s that time of year again and we’ve got tips for your March Madness viewing party.

Shouting over scores and brackets will get your college-blood pumping and stomachs rumbling. The first on the list of party must-haves is food, and lots of it. Loaded nachos, jalapeno poppers, curly fries, chicken tenders, pretzels, and chips, chips, chips.

Nick Grier, a University of Maryland junior, prepares himself for a long basketball watching session with a big jar of salsa. Other students insist on making their own: “I make the best French onion dip,” said Annemarie Stasny, a Salisbury junior.

Not into cooking? T.G.I Friday’s offers a variety of top-notch party food in the frozen food section of the grocery store. Ordering out? Take advantage of your local pizza and wings joint. Ask about student deals and party platters. Chick-fil-A caters, and with a finger-food entrée complete with chicken nuggets, you won’t need to buy plates. 

When shopping for all these delicious food and drinks, don’t forget the sodas. You know, because not everyone drinks. “There’s always beer,” says Stephany Weaver, a University of Maryland sophomore. “I don’t like beer.” Instead, she always reaches for Pepsi over party staple Coors Light.  Sodas are triple-threat beverages that also make for a great mixer and chaser. 

Once food and drinks are taken care of, it’s time to dig through your closet and shovel out all of your school gear. Grab your school jerseys, t-shirts, pompoms and those temporary tattoos that you got for Christmas and show them off. Break out the collection of chip bowls you got on sale at Wal-Mart, the beer mugs your uncle got you, and the double shot glasses you got from book store. Show your school pride by mixing jungle juice in your team’s color.

If you’re feeling extra school spirited, plastic cups and streamers of different colors are always on the cheap at your local dollar store.

Once you’re set for your viewing party, fill your school’s shot glasses with beer and treat the game like a power hour. Cheers for every score your team makes. And, of course, don’t forget the ice.


College Magazine Staff

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