Staying Fit For Fall

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If you’ve hit a wall with your fitness routine, you’re not alone.  Countless hours in the library ingesting copious amounts of caffeine and salty snacks in preparation for midterms begin to take a toll on your body.  The last place you’d rather be is churning out miles on a treadmill when a well-deserved nap or weekend rager with your friends sounds more appealing.
Although I am by no means a fitness expert, I began distance running two years ago as a freshman in college and have since fallen in love.  With a fairly strict diet and dedication to my work outs, it’s entirely possible to maintain a (fun) fitness regimen on top of grueling classes.  Look at it this way:
“There are only 168 hours in a week, and I’m only asking for 7 of them.”
I set out to Indiana University’s Student Recreational Sports Center to find out what keeps other students coming back to the gym for more.  Whether you’re just starting out or searching for motivation, these six tips are sure to get you moving:
The girls say:
“I would tell my friend to try and find someone she can go with regularly because it's always easier to be motivated if you have someone relying on you to go with them.”- Katie Merkhofer, junior
“It’s hard because we all want results instantly, but it must become a lifestyle since you won’t see immediate changes and may become discouraged.  Working out and eating well can only improve your lifestyle and the results will come!”- Shelby Vetter, junior
“Find a work out buddy that is going to hold you accountable!  Everyone needs that person to pull you out of bed at 6:30 a.m. when you really don’t feel like getting up.”- Madalyn Eller, junior
The guys say:
“Play a sport or do an activity you’re into.  Find something you have in common with others that motivates you- you don’t have to just go on a treadmill.  My friends and I are really competitive and play basketball.”- Daniel Trent, junior
“Although it may be hard, it is best to find a time of day that will be free of interruptions so you can dedicate 3 to 4 days a week to working out at the same time.  Setting a specific time will make working out a habit rather than trying to squeeze in different times that often to lead to skipping out on the gym all together.”- Alex Neuman, junior
“Stick with a work out even when you don’t want to.  You’re going to be more disappointed with yourself for quitting later down the road.  Also, make sure you’re working out at a comfortable time in your day- not too early or late in the day.”- Ryan Dobbins, junior
The personal trainer:
“Although everyone has different motivations for working out, I think one of the best ways to start and maintain an exercise program is to find a method of exercise that you enjoy.  Whether it be running, strength training, zumba, or anything that gets you moving, you’ll be more likely to keep it up.  Once you get used to that work out and start to see positive results, you will be open to new forms of exercise and continue to improve your fitness.”- Jake Phillips, SRSC personal trainer, junior
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