Spring-Clean Your Schedule

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If you have any interest in securing a job in the future, you’ve jam-pack your schedule, balancing classes, extracurricular activities, jobs, and internships. You want to demonstrate that you can do anything and everything. But when is a full schedule too full?

Don’t stretch yourself to the breaking point. Ignore the falling snow, and “spring clean” your schedule.

1. Throw your planner out the window. Don’t actually, but set aside time to review your schedule. If there are any superfluous activities that are giving you more grief than good, eliminate them. Cancel unnecessary obligations. Cut out a club that you have little interest in. Drop a class that’s weighing down your GPA.

2. Get a healthy dose of social activity. Take a break from your busy schedule, and hang out with friends. They haven’t seen much of you lately, so spending some time with them will bring you back down to earth.

3. Say no. If you find that you’re swamped with work and the chance of you getting everything done on time is slim to none, you’ve stretched yourself too thin. Don’t run yourself ragged with commitments. Learn how to say no, and instead, stick to things that matter to you.



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