Spring Break: Cyprus?

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If you’re one of millions suffering through finals season right now, take a break from studying to instead consider spring break plans for next year. No better time, right?

This time around, though, maybe overlook the overhyped and overplayed destinations of Panama City and Cancun. For spring break 2012, consider Cyprus.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Is Cyprus even a country? Where the hell is that again? But look no further: Here is your (not so) all-inclusive guide to this tiny Mediterranean island.

Most people choose to visit the southern, Greek half of the country. Visiting the northern Turkish half is a bit more of a hassle, even though you can obtain a visa at the border easily enough. But the south has something to offer to almost anyone. Interested in ancient ruins? Check. Delicious food? Check. Beautiful weather, nice beaches and a stellar party scene? Check, check and check.

Speaking of parties, check out Ayia Napa. Apparently it only grew into a more touristy location recently, but the bar and club scene is unparalleled.  Between the months of May and August, it becomes a haven for the young and reckless from all over Europe and the Mediterranean looking for a good brew and a late night. It has become such a beacon for Europeans that just about anyone would be surprised at the sight of an American. And that is your secret weapon. Guys, amaze the Ukrainian girls you meet with your unmatched knowledge of American culture. Girls, catch the Italian guys’ attentions by not looking like a trashy European. It’s a win-win.

For the more adventurous, rent a moped and explore the entire island–just remember to drive on the left side of the road. If you don’t know how to have a good time looking baller on a moped while scootering around from one exotic beach to another, you are definitely doing it wrong. Take my word for it… 

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