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By Melissa Shapiro > Junior > Communication > University of Maryland, College Park

Whoever said, “Home is where the heart is,” clearly never lived in a dorm room. It’s exceptionally difficult to call a tiny cement box home, especially when it still looks like a cement box. There are four areas though that can be improved to take your room from box to boudoir.

Before a room can be stylish, it must be organized. Amplify storage space with bed risers, hanging closet organizers, stackable storage bins and sticky plastic hooks.
The easiest way to disguise unflattering walls is to incorporate three-dimensional objects into your pre-existing wall art. Start with the area behind and around your bed. The idea is to create a focal point surrounding the largest and most attractive piece of furniture in your room. Use a variety of bottle caps (and a little sticky tack) as a border for posters or pictures. Ask your parents for any old records, or check out local yard sales. Records can serve as a focal point or use them to line the top border of your walls. This will draw the eye upwards and give the illusion of a higher ceiling. Use a spool of clothing line and clothespins to hang photos, postcards and other small memorable items, like the tassel from graduation or a funny birthday card.
Less is more when decorating a small space. Pick a color scheme and stick with it. Draw inspiration from an item you love like a pillow, poster or comforter. Curtains are a must for that homey feel in the room. Hanging a rod with fabric and rings can be cumbersome and pricey. Use a scarf or a lightweight fabric to create a makeshift curtain. Fasten the fabric to the wall using pushpins or sticky hooks.
Oftentimes dorm lighting is fluorescent and harsh. Alternative light sources like gooseneck floor lamps, holiday lights and paper lanterns can create a welcoming glow.
Transforming your dorm room to reflect your personality is not as hard as it seems. With a little imagination and these four tips, you can create a stylish place to hang out, study and feel at home.
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