So…What’d You Do Over Break?

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When you return to school after winter break (I apologize for that depressing visual) professors, T.A.’s, and fellow classmates will ask the dreaded question…So, what did you do over break?

“Well, I, uh, chilled with my boys and caught up on sleep. How about you?” 1…2…3…oh sorry, I was counting sheep. In order to spare your already-low self-esteem any more punishment, I have prepared a list of activities to amaze your naïve questioner.

1. Workout

Imagine strolling down the corridor with bulging biceps while everyone else struggles to hide their Christmas cookie filled muffin tops. Nobody returns from break happy with their body; so take advantage of the thirty day sugar rush by pumping iron and shedding the pounds.

2. Community Service

As the holiday spirit warms the cockles of your heart, donate some of your free time to giving back to the community. Don’t settle for scrounging for change when you hear the ringing of the Salvation Army’s bell; volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Contribute to a charity or listen to war stories at a veteran’s home.

3. Get a Job

Times may be tough, but your youth and health are attractive to most employers looking for some minimum wage help. Without classes and homework to occupy your time, you can pick up some hours in retail, washing dishes, sweeping barbershop floors, or any other odd job.

4. Read a Book

From cover to cover. Since you don’t have mandatory reading such as the Epic of Gilgamesh, take your time and peruse Barnes and Nobles until you find a title of your fancy.

5. Cook or Bake

After tasting your mother’s delicious meatloaf for weeks, your stomach will curse you for relying on sub-par cafeteria food. Therefore, learn how to operate in the kitchen with pastries and/or poultry.

6. Learn an Instrument

Any skilled musician will tell you that thirty days is not nearly enough time to master an instrument; however, learning the basics of the piano, drums, or guitar would rock the socks off your roommates.

7. Travel

Take a road trip cross-country, grab your passport, or watch the ball drop in Times Square.

8. Reunite with Friends and Family

Despite their consistent annoyance, cherish the time with them because you don’t know how long they will be around.

9. Yoga

Learn how to rest your mind and body during the relaxing period so you are prepared for the spring semester.

10. Rekindle your Passion for your Major

 Without the stress of classes weighing on your mind, you have time to focus on why you’re going to college. Volunteer at a hospital, attend a museum, write an article for a newspaper…whatever you aspire to be in life, remind yourself why that is your goal.   

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