Sayonara! First Long-Distance Relationship

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On the night before leaving for separate colleges, high school couples usually recap their entire relationship and decide whether the six months to a year that they’ve been dating is actually worth the drive to and from one another’s new locations at this point. This is what we call a serious preparation for my first long-distance relationship. Both have committed to attending separate schools, but both are in the state of I-will-drop-my-entire-future-plans-for-you state of mind. This, of course, is unnecessary and grueling, as both will be packing belongings and attending separate schools anyway. It’s rather annoying, and also, mom and dad are sort of the ultimate funding, so there’s that.

So, couples like us make their promises to call everyday — which usually happens. The girl calls on her walk to class, and the guy calls whenever he has downtime (which usually occurs when he has his roommate’s XBox headset intact, probably). If Romeo and Juliet’s love can remain intact regardless of the situation, why can’t ours? Exactly. 

Long-distance relationships aren’t completely set-up for failure during the college years, but long-distance relationships are most always set-up for failure during the first college year.  It’s not that it’s simply impossible to be trustworthy, and it’s not because we’re sexually driven at all times either. College is a perfect "me time" for everyone who attends. That enormous campus we are to master is even bigger than we realize. I realized the opportunities and unique people that our university wanted to introduce to us to will take up our time and energy, but in the best ways imaginable. And trust me, you aren't alone if you hate the idea that your Boy Meets World situation may just end up with a Cory-will-never talk-to-Topanga-again sort of thing.

Living in a smaller town, I had always felt like the big fish in a small pond, and I’m gradually swimming toward a vast oceanic sort of thing.  It was difficult to imagine my best friend and boyfriend at the time to actually not be either after that distant struggle, but I’m pretty sure the late nights with friends and extracurricular campus activities not only helped me to survive, but also broadened my outlook on my own interests.

So, in light of everything, your first long-distance relationship in college should be taken lightly. Respect one another’s time to discover new things about themselves and who it is they want to grow into becoming. College is more than the classroom setting and more than the promises over the phone from miles away. This is a time for self-exploration.  So hang up and explore, already.

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