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Everyone will tell you that internships are an important part of the college experience and a great way to “get your foot in the door.” Many offerings seem stale – sitting in an office all day, shuffling paperwork, making copies and getting no glory. But if that’s your idea of an internship, you might just be looking in the wrong place. We’ve combed the scene for the coolest internships that’ll get you out of the office and into a great experience, complete with bragging rights.


Internships usually involve a lot of coffee. Brewing it, pouring it, running across the street with a list of orders for the office bosses. But while an internship with java giant Starbucks rotates around coffee, you can expect the experience will be a lot more fun. Based in Seattle, the coffee capital of America, interns will visit various coffee landmarks and get schooled in cross-cultural coffee knowledge. Unpaid internships are offered in the summer.

The geniuses behind Toy Story, Up! and other animated favorites that defined your childhood, have garnered accolade upon accolade for visionary computer animation since getting off the ground in 1986. Don’t think they’d allow mere peons behind their doors? Think again. Artistically-minded students can intern in engineering, animation and marketing departments, just to name a few. The coolest aspect? Technical interns might even see their names in the film credits, and more than half are extended offers of full-time employment. These paid internships are offered throughout the year.

TOMS Shoes

You’ve probably seen TOMS shoes everywhere by now, and while they’re a trendy fashion statement, the mission behind each pair of kicks just sweetens the deal. Students with a knack for business will travel to developing countries to witness shoe drops (each pair of TOMS shoes purchased means a child abroad will get a pair for free). Interns also coordinate volunteer projects and are housed in Los Angeles. Internships are paid.

NPR: All Songs Considered

Indie music buffs with oversize headphones and expansive vinyl collections will finally get their day in the spotlight at an internship with National Public Radio’s All Songs Considered, one of the most prolific and authoritative music shows on the scene. Interns will audition CDs for review, act as a liaison with artists and, best of all, listen to a lot of music. Unpaid internships are offered year round. 

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