Six Scrumptious Food-Themed Parties

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Ever heard the phrase, “food and drinks bring the people ‘round?”

This time-old idiom is an undeniably true one and can proven by the common clustering of people whenever a bowl of chips, box of hot pizza or carton of fries presents itself. What is most interesting about food is that not only do people find themselves gathered near it, but they also find themselves talking about it, and eagerly. It comes to no surprise that one of the most basic means of survival consequently serves as one of the most universal conversation starters.

Now that we’ve established food is the focal point of most parties and celebrations, it would only make sense to add them to our own summer get-togethers. Rather than simply placing a bag of salsa and chips in a bowl for delicious — but predictable — snack material, opt for themed appetizer or dinner parties that everyone can look forward to. Instead of taking out a liter of Coke, why not have weekly drink nights? Now that you and your high school friends are officially reunited for the longest vacation college grants us, make sure to spend it the right way: with ice-cold beverages and plenty of drool-worthy chow.     

1.     Ethnic Food Nights
Rather than go through the heavy expenses that road trips and airplane flights induce, why not travel the world in each other’s kitchens? Each partygoer can select an ethnic food of their choice with drinks and decorations fitting of the culture. Try a sushi night with miso soup (and don’t forget the chopsticks). If you’re looking to spice things up, go for a Mexican theme and offer burritos, chips, salsa and guacamole. Throw in some sombreros if you're feeling extra spicy.

2.     Breakfast for Dinner

Did you miss out on the first meal of the day? Or you’re still craving what you had hours earlier? Breakfast for dinner can be an interesting choice. Have each partygoer bring a different morning meal to the gathering, such as Belgian waffles, chocolate chip pancakes, syrup and butter, bacon, cheesy eggs or a classic buttered toast. Orange juice is recommended.