Show Me the Money!

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When Northwestern senior Margaret Logan was offered a full-time position at Proctor and Gamble after completing her internship, all she could think was “show me the money!”

Logan found out about the internship position at P&G’s Cincinnati office by looking at the firm’s website. She was in “IDS (Business Analysis), so [she] got to flex [her] analytical skills in evaluating different sectors of the commercial and supply chain sides of P&G.”

The most important thing I did was take initiative,” says Logan about her internship experience. “Any little thing my boss needed, I did it – and I did it with a smile on my face. I came in eager to learn because I knew this was an internship position that many applied for and I so happened to get, so I knew I had to take full advantage of my time there; even if I what I was working on wasn’t necessarily the most exciting project in the world.” She urges other students to “use every experience as a learning experience” and not to “let any mistakes you make get to you.”

She says her favorite part of her position was actually working, since she could apply what she had learned in her classes to the real world. And it’s a good thing because Logan’s full-time offer is for the same department.

With her acceptance, Logan will move to Cincinnati from her home in Chicago.  Fortunately, she has family in the area and is familiar with the more “laid back” atmosphere. Logan should feel right at home though, since she will already know many of the employees. “I feel like I have a ‘family’ at work, and that is definitely going to help me adapt to having a full-time job there more easily.”

As for this next step, Logan says, “I am most looking forward to beginning a life after college and seeing where this job takes me. I am hoping to go to business school in the future, so I want to gain enough insight and leadership experience so that I could make for a strong applicant for an MBA program”

With her initiative and determination, Logan is sure to do great things, changing the world one Cover Girl or Crest product at a time.

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