Should You Intern This Fall?

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Being a college student is already a full-time job. You attend classes, write papers, study for exams, keep up with your social life and commit to extracurricular activities. However, many college students consider adding a fall or spring internship into the mix. Should you opt for a semester internship?

Can you commit and follow through?

Many benefits come out from having an internship during the semester, but if you’re also worrying about a part-time job and extracurricular activities next semester, you should think about how much time and effort you’re willing to give for this internship. If the internship is demanding, you should take steps on decreasing the workload from your other commitments and shaping your schedule around the internship. No matter what, school should not fall behind on your list of priorities.

Do you have good time management and organization skills?

Of course, having that experience of interning during the school year will build those time management skills, but these skills need to be acquired beforehand. If you procrastinate and don’t follow through on other commitments, then you need to change these habits before entering the internship field. Keep a planner and make sure that nothing overlaps other tasks. Plus, schedule in some “me” time, as well as times to go out and have fun.

Can you work under pressure and handle stress well?

Different internships require various commitments. Some require you to commute while others make you follow strict deadlines. Find time to release all the stress and emotions, whether that be working out or going out.

Will the internship increase your chances of landing your next ideal internship or job?

Successfully completing a semester internship while juggling school and other commitments show employers that you can balance your commitments and perform them well. They will be impressed that you have experience outside the classroom, and it will definitely give you something to talk about during that interview. Racking up experience during the semester will get you ahead of other students who will be your competitions for future jobs and internships.

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