Shots Fired At Virginia Tech

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According to Virginia Tech's website, a police officer has been shot and reported dead and a second victim was found and reported dead at a parking lot near the campus. 

The Associated Press said "the suspect is described as a white male wearing gray sweat pants, gray hat with neon green brim, maroon hoodie and backpack."

In 2007, 32 students and faculty were killed by a single gunman on the Virginia Tech campus before the shooter killed himself. The police chief was in Washington today, as fate would have it, testifying on the case.

Students and faculty have been told to lock doors and remain inside.

This is a developing story.

Follow me (@doliver8) and College Magazine (@CollegeMag) on Twitter for updates. See CNN for live video coverage.

UPDATE (2:00 p.m.) "The status of the shooter is unknown."

UPDATE (4:00 p.m.) Virginia Tech is still on lockdown. The shooter has not yet been located. Stay tuned for a 4:30 p.m. press conference.

UPDATE (4:30 p.m.) The Associated Press reported the second victim might have been the shooter himself, normal activities will resume on campus.

UPDATE (5:30 p.m.) Although officials allowed normal activies to resume on campus, the investigation is not closed. The police officer was shot at a traffic stop by a third party not in the vehicle. The second victim, who may or may not be the shooter, was found in a parking lot near the school. More information will continue to be released. At this point, there are no other press conferences scheduled. Finals are postponed and a new schedule will hopefully appear tonight.

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