Sheer Luck’s the Trend

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When July rolls around, summer always seems to take a drastic turn. The season is essentially half over, everyone’s getting ready to go back to school, and worst of all, the heat has reached an all-time high. 

To beat the sticky humidity and high UV indexes, everyone seems to resort to a combination of pool-hopping, lemonade-drinking, and wearing next-tonothing.  Here, I offer the chic alternative to overly-revealing hot pants and up-to-there mini skirts: sheer pieces.

As Leandra Medine shows in the photo above, a floor-length, billowing (but yes, see-through) chiffon skirt can easily keep you cool on the patio.  Her skirts technically don’t conceal more than your average itty-bitty cut-offs, but what’s different is that while these skirts leave little to the imagination, there’s nothing inherently suggestive about them.  (Can’t really say the same thing about the cut-offs!)

This hint of sex appeal is perfect for a sticky summer night – and you can get the same result by trying one of the sheer (not skimpy) pieces below.  Not only will you look effortlessly chic, but you’ll have conquered the insufferable July heat without sacrificing an ounce of style.  The girls surrounding you in crop tops and booty-shorts will be (literally) dripping with jealousy.


  1. Topshop Maxi Skirt (£45)
  2. NastyGal Chiffon Blazer ($68)
  3. Miss Selfridge Maxi Dress (£45)
  4. BB Dakota Chiffon Shorts ($68)
  5. Sparkle & Fade Chiffon Skirt ($49)
  6. Coincidence & Chance Blouse ($59) 
  7. Topshop Tank (£38)

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