Separated at Birth?

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By Ben Present

As the Phillies clinched their fourth straight divisional title in Washington Monday night, they now have the opportunity to rest their star-studded offense and staff of aces starting rotation: Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels.
But from where we were sitting, it looked like a few familiar faces were posing (convincingly) as Major Leaguers amidst the irrelevance of the remaining games for two franchises whose fates are already sealed.
Before October baseball starts and our coverage becomes all business, let’s end the regular season on a more light-hearted note, and examine the very real possibility that some of America’s most (in)famous names have found their way in professional baseball, most notably, with the Phillies and Nationals.


Raul Ibanez. Photo Courtesy of

The Situation. Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Sure, it’s pretty hard to think of two more opposing personalities: Ibanez of the Phillies and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of the Jersey Shore. But what better of a scam to pull off? Nobody would see it coming. Except us.

Adam Dunn, first baseman for the Washington Nationals. Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press

Actor Will Ferrell. Photo Courtesty of Glenn Harris/Photorazzi

We should all be ashamed if it turns out Will Ferrell has been doubling as a Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn all this time. We should be equally ashamed if the opposite proves true. Well it’d be tough to say their respective demeanors match up, look at that
resemblance! Uncanny!

Clever work covering up the tattoos, Fred! But don’t think you’re going to fool us. It’s all too convenient "Blanton’s" professional pitching career started in 2004, one short year after Limp Bizkit’s last full studio release hit the stands. You ever wonder why Fred Durst always wore a baseball cap? Here’s your answer: he has to.


Which other celebrities do you think are posing as professional athletes?
Photo Courtesy of, Getty Images, Associated Press,  Glenn Harris/Photorazzi,



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