Sara Bareilles: Get to Know the Big Voice Behind Little Voice

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College Magazine caught up with Sara Bareilles at Lilith Fair to hear about surviving UCLA, making it into the biz and touring with a top-notch group of women. Check out this sneak peak:

College Magazine: How did it all begin? When did you start singing and when did you learn piano?

Sarah Bareilles: I started singing in choirs in elementary school; and I always knew I loved singing and playing piano but I was pretty shy about doing both together in front of people so that took me a long time. I actually spent a year abroad in Italy during my college years and it was so traumatic because I kind of realized that I actually needed music and it wasn’t just a hobby. So then I just started pursuing it.

CM: Speaking of college, what was your experience at UCLA and singing with your a capella group, Awaken, like?

SB: I remember I wrote a diary entry after I got in to Awaken and I literally was like, “Oh, I found my home here.” And I’d had an awesome first year, but I’d always felt a little displaced, like I didn’t really know exactly where I belonged. Then I got in as a sophomore, and meeting all the other performers was really… it was like meeting my tribe, people that could understand me and could understand that need to perform and be silly and kind of had a flair for drama.

CM: How was majoring in communications? Boring or fun classes?

SB: Oh, God, a lot of them were boring. My issue with college is that I felt like it was all about memorization. I feel like I would take a test, and the next day you could ask me anything from it and I’d be like, “I don’t know!” But I made it through. I generally loved the college experience – it was so self-exploratory. Everything was brand new.

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Check out her latest video here:

Updated: from August 30, 2010 to July 2, 2014: We’ve added in Sara’s latest video.

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