Salty Solutions: Think First

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By Alexis Rodriguez > Junior > English > Cornell University
My dad once told me how a friend of his going for a CEO position was called in for a dinner with the employer and his competition as a final round of interviews. The three men get to a fancy restaurant, order their meals, and chat about the type of things business men talk about (a.k.a boredom). Once they received their food the competition immediately takes the salt and seasons his meal without a second thought.

Though the employer didn’t reveal it at the time, my dad’s friend got the job right then and there and his competition missed out all because he wanted to put salt on his food.
You make think this is a little ridiculous but like most things that occur in the grand scheme of life, there’s sound reasoning behind it. Simply by tampering with his food before tasting it, this unfortunate salt man showed the employer his irrationality. Why would someone want to hire a person who could potentially go in to the company and immediately begin changing things without fully knowing how and why it operated before?
No matter what type of interview you’re going in for you have to be aware that they’re watching your every move (creepy right?). One tiny mannerism that may seem completely insignificant to you could potentially cost you a job.
One of the most important things you can do when you walk into an employer’s office (besides taking every step with caution) is exuding confidence right from the beginning. Think about it in terms of dating and the employer is the person you’re trying to impress. No matter your gender I think we call can agree that the one thing that initially attracts you most to a suitor is confidence (I call it swagger). Look at Lil’ Wayne for example. He isn’t the most attractive musician yet girls go crazy over him professing their love left and right. Why? Confidence. Just like that girl in your class you’ve had your eye on or that boy who delivers your pizza, interviewers love confidence. They want you to sell yourself and if you know you’re right for the job and act like it, they can’t help but agree.
Always look your absolute best. If your physical appearance resembles that of your dorm room which you haven’t cleaned since you got back to school, we might have a problem. Dressing to impress is vital. Much like tiny mannerisms can say a lot in an interview, so can your outfit.
Last, but certainly not least, be prepared to highlight your amazing qualities and achievements. Brag about yourself. If you’re an overachiever  be wary of sounding like you already have too much on your plate. They don’t want someone who will finally crack under the pressures of extreme multi tasking. The way in which you word your responses is vital.
The next time you walk into an interview don’t be nervous. You’d be amazed at how following a few simple steps can help you tremendously.  Before anything, though, never, EVER put salt on your food before you taste it.

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