NEWS: Russian President Responds to Hitler Comparison by Putin’ Down Women

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Hillary Clinton may have compared Vladimir Putin to Hitler over his actions in Ukraine, but the Russian president is not taking the insult lying down, New York Magazine reports.

In an interview with France's Radio Europe 1 this week, Putin shrugged off Clinton's "Putler" comments, saying, "It's better not to argue with women." He further accused Clinton of "never [being] too graceful in her statements" and suggested she is weak for pushing boundaries "too far." Of course, he was quick to add that weakness might not be the "worst quality for a woman."

When asked whether he would ultimately write off Clinton's comparison, Putin said, "Someday I will indulge myself and we will laugh together at some good joke, but when I hear such extreme statements, to me it only means that they don't have any valid arguments." Read Margaret Hartmann's full commentary on the interview for New York Magazine. You can also check out the Kremlin's English transcript.

Lyla Lawless

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