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Living in dorms may seem to be a hindrance to participating in certain drinking games, but college isn’t just about getting hammered. There are many ways to have a fun night with your friends without leaving your room and not pissing off your RA. Here are CM's top non-alcohol related party ideas:

Movie Night

Don’t just crash on the couch and scroll through HBO: make movie night into an exciting occasion with a theme. Rent the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series and order in Chinese. Or rent Animal House and Old School and make the frat night complete with beer and pizza. Get creative!

Show Marathon

Are you craving some quality time with some of your favorite TV shows? Maybe you're still reeling from that cliffhanger ending from the series finale of Entourage? Rent an entire season or series and reminisce about your favorite episodes without waiting a week in between each!

Holiday Party

Who says you can’t celebrate Christmas in September or Independence Day in February? Grab your holiday garb, decorations and dinner menu and turn a regular evening into an excuse to celebrate.

Potluck Dinner

Clear out your common room and invite all your friends over for dinner. Assign each person a menu item – appetizer, salad, entrée, side dish…you get the gist –and set up the biggest table you can find. Not only are you enjoying a night in with friends, you also don’t have to worry about splitting the bill!

Dance Party

Throw an impromptu dance party in your friend’s much more spacious room! Turn down the lights, find a web site that turns your computer screen into a strobe light and start rocking out!  It’s less expensive than a club or party and you will feel infinitely more comfortable knowing the only people around you are (theoretically) your friends.

Besides Asher Roth, who says that “time isn’t wasted when you’re getting wasted?” With these easy party-planning ideas, you can have a great night with your friends without suffering from the next morning’s hangover!

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