The Psychology of Resume Building

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It’s a competitive world out there, and sometimes the simple 30-second glance at a resume can be the deciding factor in who gets the job. One simple way to stand out: understanding the psychology of resume building.  Here, expert psychologist Lisa Fishman teaches a sophomore clinical psychology major at Tufts University what it takes to create a winning resume in the field. 








  • “Your relevant coursework is very impressive and important to the psychology field.  It’s great to have that at the top of your resume so employers can see it right away.”
  • “Your objective is extremely focused and well-written.  This will impress employers at jobs that fit into this category of work.”
  • “The chronology and organization of your resume is clear and easy to follow.”


  • “Your resume should only be one page! As a sophomore in college, you do not have enough experience in which it should take more than one page. This could be fixed with formatting changes, to start.  Also, it’s OK to eliminate unrelated high school experience.”
  • “Areas of your resume are very dense and text heavy. Although focused, your objective is too long.  Try bulleting areas to make it seem less crowded on the page.”
  • “Show employers how your work experience is related to your field of study with bulleted descriptions.  For example, lifeguarding may not be specifically related to psychology, however you can tailor it to make it more relatable.  Did you work with the children or teach them how to swim? Describe those sort of interactions with job description.”





Many resumes like this one just need a little polishing in order to shine.  With these expert corrections, this resume will stand out to employers much better!

Does your resume need a facelift too? Send your resume to [email protected], subject “Resume Makeover.”

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