Restaurants for Vegetarians at University of Florida

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I Don't Eat Meat

This is college, so naturally, there's a huge population of students abandoning meat in an effort to save the animals. What's truly amazing is that most of the incredible food found in Gainesville is actually vegetarian-friendly, for all levels of animal-lovers. 

Karma Cream

A conveniently located, organic ice cream shop that offers both dairy and non-dairy flavors to satisfy vegans. They also have baked goods, sandwiches, tea, beer, coffee spacious tables and Wi-Fi, so it’s a great place to study for a little while. “It’s definitely one of the hidden gems of Gainesville,” junior Bridget Huston said. “It has a very unique, funky, chill atmosphere, and the ice cream is delicious. Even the flavors that are dairy-free are creamy, sweet and fantastic.”

The Top

It might very well be the most hipster place in Gainesville, but it also might be the best place for vegans to scarf down any meal of their choosing. Make sure you check out both brunch and dinner, but be prepared to wait as the restaurant is small and the service is slow. 

Paige Levin is a sophomore studying journalism and political science at the University of Florida. When she’s not re-watching her box set of FRIENDS, you can probably find her talking about Panera mac and cheese (or just food in general). Currently, her interests (or obsessions) lie in everything and anything pop culture, Netflix binge watching, photography, going to concerts, and all of her unfortunately pathetic South Florida sports teams.

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