Relationship Dos and Don’ts

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Whether newly dating or madly in love, every relationship has its boundaries. Although each couple is completely different from one another, there are a few general things that qualify as relationship dos and don’ts. 


Do cook for her on one of the first few dates (and even after the hundredth date, but first few is very important). Most girls enjoy going out to dinner, but being romanced at home over a meal cooked especially for her, will earn points in her book.

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Do pick up the tab on the first date. Girls like guys who can support them. If a guy cannot step up and pay for the first date, why would a girl think he would ever cover the tab.

Do something spontaneous for her. Nothing is better than picking up a bouquet of flowers just because it’s Wednesday or leaving a little note on her car because you passed her job on your way to work.

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Do listen during sex. Many guys think they know exactly what their girl wants, but all girls are different so make note of the facial expressions and noises when trying new techniques.

Don’t be too overprotective. There is a fine line between showing that you care and being overly jealous. Okay, not a fine line, but there’s definitely a line. Girls like when guys show that they are slightly jealous when someone is hitting on their girl, but forbidding her from having any guy friends will surely drive her away.

Don’t text other girls when spending alone time.  When with a girl, she should be the only female on your mind.

Don’t choose video games over her. The game will be there when you get back, she, on the other hand, may not.

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Do be yourself. A good boyfriend will fall in love with you for who you are, not who he changes you into.

Do make an effort to like his friends. Girls who can have a good time hanging with her guy’s friends are more likely to keep him around than those who constantly nag about them.

Do make sure to take the relationship for what it is. If you establish a hook up only type of relationship don’t assume it will go further unless it is mutually felt. 


Do love. Don’t obsess. Sometimes it’s hard to refrain from telling him your every single thought and feeling, but keep some things a mystery and try not to suffocate him. 

Don’t bring up something that has been forgiven. If you forgive him for something he said or did, make sure to let it be and don’t continuously use it as ammo during every fight.

Don’t overanalyze every text, signal, gesture, etc. Some guys are naturally nice and flirty, it doesn’t always mean they are interested.

Don’t use him to replace. Be sure to leave your feelings about your ex at the door. Don’t hold on to an ex boyfriend and expect your new guy to understand. You are bound to lose someone really great if you don’t let go.


Don’t play games. Playing hard to get is a fun challenge in the beginning, but after some time it gets exhausting.

Don’t use texting to discuss serious relationship things. Whether it is fixing a fight or discussing the possibility of a break, texting is never the way to express these feelings.

Do make time for each other. Texting can only replace physically being with someone for so long. A good relationship will be sure to make time to get away with one another, or at least make time for frequent Skype dates.

Do turn cell phones off during dates. Even couples who have been together for years need to spend alone time with one another. With the world at our fingertips, it is almost impossible to get away. Spend a night in without the company of social media and cell phones.

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