Reasons To Convince Yourself (and others) That It’s Okay Not To Go Out

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New Years was more than a full month ago, and you need a break from all the countdown parties, back to school parties and after-rush week parties. There have already been some Thirsty Thursdays… and Fridays, Saturdays and even Sundays. And maybe you’re over it. If you’re downright honest with yourself, not every night out is the best night because you don’t live on a set in Hollywood and the guy last night looked nothing like Channing Tatum.

It’s every college student’s greatest fear (besides having their parents find out their GPAs)… feeling like you’re missing out. You have a lot of blackouts, shots of Prestige and next-morning hangovers to look forward to. So, if for tonight, you’re feeling like you want to wear sweatpants, eat ramen and watch Friends, know that it’s ok.

You’re allowed to not go out without feeling middle-aged. You’re socialized to think it’s ‘uncool’. You’re pressured to go and have fun the way college is ‘supposed’ to be like. But why should you do anything you don’t want to do? That’s what homework is for. Here’s a list of reasons to convince yourself and others that it’s okay for you not to go out – or even want to go out:

1. It’s winter

The weather is not for going out. That’s not your fault and it’s Storm’s responsibility if anything.

2. You have midterms

And we already decided ‘YOLO’ needs to be a 2012-exclusive.

3. Mom’s mad at you

If you make up a fake scandal or argument, everyone is sympathetic. Most will also not ask for details until tomorrow, because they still want to go out tonight. If they linger, you can always shake your head dramatically and sigh a really loud “It’s nothing”.

4. Thursday night TV is too good

You cannot wait another second for the new episode of Scandal or Do No Harm. Or you can use this as an excuse to watch shows that are actually good, like Community. This show will also help put your college experience in perspective.

5. Your liver is dying

So are your lungs. Give your body a break because you’re not about to seriously pull a Ke$ha and die young. We also don’t recommend brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack.

6. Periods are debilitating

This is a girls-only reason, although guys are free to try it. Let us know if you have any luck! Alternatively, you can blame it on PMS, which stands for pre-menstrual syndrome and post-menstrual syndrome.


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