Racing Toward Parental Consent?

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Interracial couples were deemed legal to marry in the U.S. in 1967, which isn’t that long ago if you really think about it. Since then, interracial couples have been flourishing among us. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a couple of two different races interlocking hands or sharing a quick kiss before their goodbyes. You see it every day while walking around the shopping center and also on TV as celebrities announce their engagements. To me, is such a beautiful thing. 

But to many parents, they wouldn’t encourage their children to date someone who isn’t in their race. It’s not because they are racist. They can be the sweetest and most attractive being and your parents could agree that they are a good person. But as soon as you tell them that you are the least bit interested in them, they may shoot the idea down.


How about me? I’m of Filipina descent and have dated three people, all of different races. It didn’t hurt me, or my parents, and I’m excited to see America unfold into what it was always supposed to be: a ‘melting pot’ full of different cultures, backgrounds and races.

Jessie Benoit, a junior from Texas State University, has been dating her boyfriend, Zo, for almost three years and they are very much in love. “My parents love my boyfriend and think we are perfect for each other,” Benoit said. “They raised me to never let differences, even skin color, define if someone is attractive. I don’t think about us being interracial half the time. My boyfriend is perfect for me, and not because of his skin color but because of many other wonderful reasons. It’s 2013, skin color should not stop you from loving someone, especially if they make you happy.”

According to Benoit, if you’re parents don’t approve of someone because of their skin color, you should show them why you fell for them. “They want you to be happy and if your significant other makes you happy for all the right reasons, then hopefully your parents will see that.”

The reasoning behind it is unexplainable. Many however choose to ignore their parents’ preferences. Love is love after all. But while this is still a touchy subject to some people, it’s great to see something that was once looked down upon and what was once illegal is now seen as something beautiful. 

Gabby Zarate, a sophomore from San Jacinto College, gave us some similar advice on what to do if your parents don’t approve of you and your significant other.

Stick with what your happy with and your parents will see who and why you chose who you chose. At the end of the day, they want to see you happy, even if they didn’t approve or feel comfortable with your decision at first,” Zarate said.

Vinh Tran, a senior from the University of Houston, has been with his girlfriend for 10 months and his parents definitely approve. “Once my parents met her, they approved even more because they realized she was good for me,” Tran said.

“No matter what, your son or daughter is going to do what they want at the end of the day. You can either accept the fact and embrace it or sit back and just hate and hate and hate. It’s only pushing your son or daughter farther away,” Tran said. “We do what makes us happy. If a girl could make me laugh and smile continuously it doesn’t matter what her race is. We shouldn’t judge anyone based on race because in the era we live in there are no racial barricades to get over anymore.  If the person makes you a better person, then there’s no reason not to go for it. People can say what they want, but this is your happiness.”


Whether your parents approve of who you are dating or not, make sure he or she is making you happy. Your parents always want the best for you, and if they see that you are thriving and benefitting from this relationship, they will be happy. It’s great seeing so many people in love; despite their race, background and even sexual orientation. Imagine how many beautiful mixed babies there will be in the next ten years!

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