Race and College Applications

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As everyone may or may not remember, when you apply to school, you must fill out all of your information, including race. For some, this means simply filling in a bubble and moving on, but for others, this question may take a little longer to fill in.

The New York Times recently reported that students of mixed races may often consider marking only one of their races to better their chances of entry.

The report said that due to the Department of Education’s requirements, universities have to “collect more information about race and ethnicity,”  and that the “change has made it easier for students to claim a multiracial identity.”

In this way, the intent of affirmative action, which is to give aid to minorities, can “erode.”

According to the article, several schools are now on the lookout for such “manipulations” in the system. About 3 percent of Americans consider themselves of “mixed-race.”

So this leaves several questions: Should race still matter on college applications? And if so, how can colleges still maintain the original intent of affirmative action without manipulations?

Is it ethical for students of “mixed-race” to have to deny one race and accept another for the sake of college entry?

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