Procrastination Nation

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When I say that this article was…..
This article was…..
Scratch all of that. This article was ridiculously hard to write. Maybe it was because of the past three days of debauchery I took part in. Maybe it’s because of the subject matter. Maybe…maybe I should just get to the point.
Procrastination is something all students deal with. Whether you are purposely procrastinating or it is just happening to you without you even realizing it, you should know what to do when it occurs. The best way to beat procrastination is to stop, evaluate where you are with your work and then do something about it.
Or, to continue procrastinating, read about how other students like to put off their work for as long as possible:
“Truth be told, I am actually more efficient and productive under a tight deadline – which seems to be my excuse for procrastinating in the first place. The best type of procrastination, in which I don't feel as guilty about, is when I work on assignments that are less urgent. For example, if I have a paper due in a few days, I'll work on a different project that isn't due until days after the paper. It would make more sense to work on assignments in the order they are due, but then I wouldn't be able to stress myself out with impending deadlines.” – Sarah O’Kane, Indiana University
“Throughout my academic career I've had what some like to call a ‘problem’ with procrastination. But in my opinion playing FIFA and drinking on the weekdays supersede the need to write an essay. I do my best work late at night, under pressure…because it's the only way I do my work.” – Evan Barnum-Steggerda, Ball State
“Instead of writing papers I like to procrastinate by doing some online shopping.” – Mara Schlanger, University of Michigan
“I like to get involved in pointless conversations since I live with a lot of people. I'll get up and hop in someone's convo even if it doesn't pertain to me. I'll engage in a pointless convo and then I'll decide to shower instead of continuing work, but I don't shower twice that would be too much. I just shower before I start my work.” – Eri Bells, Pace University
“Well I do the normal Facebook creeping when I don't want to do homework, but Facebook is getting kind of old. Bro Tips and StumbleUpon keep me entertained for hours. My favorite is cleaning like crazy: vacuuming, organizing drawers, doing laundry, and doing the dishes. Not a usual activity for college students to do but it definitely beats doing homework.” – Sara Tokoly, Purdue University
Whatever your go-to procrastination methods are just make sure that they are detrimental to your work and your work only. Do not let these methods destroy your health in any way possible because at the end of the day staying sane and healthy is more important than writing that silly ten-page paper. You can quote me on that, but I wouldn’t recommend telling your professors that. They might get upset.
I will leave you with something that inspired me. This was something that I watched one day because I was procrastinating. I thought it was only ten minutes, but I didn’t realize there were six parts. Obviously because I watched the first part I then had to watch the next five. It was worth it.

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