Pretty Little Liars Secrets: A Q&A with Lucy Hale

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After 47 heart-stopping, nail-biting, and Twitter exploding episodes, Pretty Little Liars’ March 19 season finale finally revealed that Mona is A and gave viewers the satisfaction they have been longing for–or did it? With about a million questions left to answer, the next season is bound to please, but there’s just one problem: it doesn’t premiere till June 5! If you’re in a painful phase of Rosewood withdrawal like I am, here’s your fix. I chatted with Lucy Hale about all things PLL, and yes folks, this includes some spoilers!

College Magazine: You moved to California from Tennessee when you were just 15. What was that transition like for you?
Lucy Hale: Well, I’m originally from Memphis and the transition was a major one. In LA, everyone is super career-driven and Memphis is much more laid back and family oriented. Everyone hangs out and goes to church on Sundays, but LA is totally different.
CM: A big move at a young age can be stressful. How did you deal with that stress?
LH: It was definitely a change but I threw myself into acting because that's what I was there for and I hoped it would pay off.
CM: So what’s it like to be in the cast of Pretty Little Liars? What’s the cast dynamic like?
LH: It’s really incredible. The cast meshes really well. The show is definitely special because we had great chemistry from the start and we still have it. We’ve seen each other at our highs and lows so we have an amazing bond that we share.
CM: Everyone in the cast seems like they’re such great friends. Do you hang out at all when you’re not filming?
LH: We definitely are good friends—that isn’t an illusion you can just create. We film basically nine out of 12 months so we spend a ton of time together. When we do have those few months off, we tend to kind of do our own thing.
CM: The show’s writers constantly keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Do they keep you guessing too?
LH: The writers are just amazing because they always add all these twists and turns and we’re always in a state of mystery right along with viewers. I mean we didn’t even know who A was until we started filming that episode. When you guys are watching and guessing what’s going to happen next, we’re right there with you.
CM: How has your life changed since the show became such a big hit?
LH: Scheduling gets a little crazy sometimes, but it’s still great because we get to travel a lot and meet some great people. We recently went to Brazil and the Philippines and meeting fans worldwide and seeing how much people love the show is just so cool.
CM: So what do you do for fun? Do you like to go out or do you opt for a quieter lifestyle?
LH: I love a good night out, but I also love just watching movies on the couch. I love to go shopping and go to concerts, too and I like to cook. I recently took up painting, so I’m having fun with that.
CM: So what’s next for Rosewood and for Ezria?
LH: Their relationship is out in the open now, so they’re really happy. But it wouldn’t be Rosewood if things were going smoothly, so of course things are going to happen. Aria is going to meet Ezra’s family, and you’ll find out that Ezra has a secret that he isn’t sharing with anyone.
If you’ve fallen behind on recent episodes (and there’s really no good excuse for why this should have happened….), ABC Family is airing a PLL marathon all day on June 5 before the 8PM EST season premiere. 

And here's a quick warning from A: You better watch it, before someone starts watching you! 

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